Ammonite provide a workplace solution for office space

Although the majority of employees are working remotely, there are a number of employees that are unable to work from home. Ammonite provided their Electrostatic Decontamination service for the client to ensure the work space remains safe and secure for all staff.

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Our customer’s business in Manchester have the majority of their staff working remotely, there are however a number of staff who can not work from home and need to use the office space. Ammonite was contacted for an Electrostatic Decontamination service to ensure business continuity and staff safety.

What we provided

Ammonite received a quotation request and were able to provide that quote the very same day. The quotation was based upon the urgency of the job as well as the size of the space that required the Electrostatic Solution.

The office space has staff in Monday-Saturday and therefore Ammonite understood that conducting the Electrostatic service on a Sunday would be best to cause no disruption for any of the staff. The Ammonite Response team arrived at the site on Sunday morning kitted with full PPE including gloves, masks, goggles and hazmat suits. This is necessary for all Ammonites Electrostatic jobs to protect their team as well as their customers.

Ammonites Electrostatic Technology works by introducing an electric charge to the solution which then evenly coats itself to any surface, wrapping around the undersides of any unit or material. Meaning this provided even and maximum coverage on all materials in the office including phones, desktop screens, tables, boards and more. Due to the fact that the solution can coat any service, the majority of items in the office space were able to stay where they were, causing little to no disruption.

As well as the office space itself, the communal areas in the building also required Ammonite’s Electrostatic Service. This included the board room, communal reception and the kitchen area. All the appliances in the kitchen area were able to have the solution applied to which again caused little disruption to the communal space in the office.

After the job was completed the Ammonite team provided the client with a certificate of completion to display in the office for the safety and reassurance of all staff and clients.

The Results

Since the electrostatic sanitisation of the site was carried out, the team in the office are reassured of the fact that their workspace is safe, secure and that they can remain operating safely from the office.

Upon request the Ammonite team have also provided a bespoke quotation for Ammonites range of PPE products as well as ongoing advice and guidance on how to best operate safely to ensure the safety of all staff.

Ammonite have scheduled to attend the office space for another Electrostatic Decontamination in a months time.



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