Ammonite ensure retail shop remains safe, secure and open

As retail shops have now reopened in the majority of the country it is paramount that employees and customers continue to feel safe in the place they work and shop. Ammonite have ensured this for busy fashion retail shop in Cheshire.

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Angela Beers, ladies fashion shop in Cheshire wanted to ensure that the employees and customers are safe in the shop while they are shopping. Ammonite carried out their Electrostatic Sanitisation service as well as providing ongoing advice and knowledge to the client.

What we provided

Ammonite received a quotation request from the client and were able to provide a bespoke quotation the same day. The quotation was based upon several factors, including the size of the shop, the urgency of the appointment and the location. Once this quotation was approved Ammonite were then able to book the service for the retailer.

The following morning the Ammonite Response team arrived at the site prior to the shop opening to ensure there was no disruption to the opening hours for the client. The operatives on site were kitted with the protective clothing of hazmat suits, face masks and gloves.

Ammonites Electrostatic Technology works by introducing an electric charge to the solution which then evenly coats itself to any surface, wrapping around the undersides of any unit or material. Meaning this provided even and maximum coverage on all materials in the shop including clothing, shoes, accessories, fabric furniture and other objects including the till area. All items of clothing in the shop that were out on the rails and the shelves remained where they were with little disruption to the layout and caused no damage to furniture or fabrics.

After the job was completed the Ammonite team provided the client with a certificate of completion to display in the shop for the safety and reassurance of all staff and customers.

The Results

Since the electrostatic sanitisation of the site was carried out, Ammonite had a follow up call with the owner the following week with relevant guidance and advice on how to operate safely and hygienically in work. Including ongoing advice such as where hand sanitiser should be positioned in the shop as well as what other PPE products should be provided. Ammonite have provided a bespoke quote for these PPE products based on the size of the shop as well as the volume of customers they have daily.

Since Ammonite’s Electrostatic Sanitisation of Angela Beers shop they are scheduled to attend the shop again for an electrostatic sanitisation in a month’s time.

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