Creating a safe environment for customers and staff to relax, work out and enjoy themselves is complex at the best of times. Ammonite are committed to ensuring this industry has as little down time as possible.

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From gyms to cinemas and leisure centres, this is an industry with many moving parts. Ammonite work with you to ensure the back of house areas are sanitised for your employees and the front of house areas are decontaminated for your customers.

Our expertise

The advantage of electrostatic sanitising is it reaches those hard to target areas, clinging to all surfaces. Standard deep cleaning isn’t comparable and the upkeep alone is challenging. Ammonite will assess the needs within each individual area, advise you thoroughly and offer a service that fits around the needs of your business. Our technicians can move seamlessly with lightweight portable technology, remaining in the background, but ensuring a safe and protected environment.

Services we can supply

  • Electrostatic sanitising
  • Fogging
  • PPE
  • Emergency Call-Outs
  • Reactive and preventative maintenance plans
  • and moreā€¦
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Companies that rely on us

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