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Ammonite are specialists in providing anti viral, anti covid deep cleaning and decontamination services and have over 10 years experience in the hospitality, events and festivals sector.


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We understand that the hospitality industry have been ‘stop start’ for 12 months now. There comes a great deal of excitement for the hospitality industry and also a great deal of preparation following on from the most recent announcement that hospitality can re open (outdoors) from 12th April.

Ammonite will work with  you to ensure that your outside hospitality setting is at a certified level of cleanliness. This ensuring your customers feel safe, your staff are satisfied and the number of ‘stops’ are minimised.

We understand that your sector of work is fast paced and busy, we can work with you, at your pace to ensure you can maintain a high level of cleanliness and safety for your staff and customers.

Our expertise

Our fast response teams ensure that if your business is faced with a ‘stop’, we can get you back to the highest level of cleanliness to allow you to get business back to its normal rate of custom, thus allowing your volume of custom to be consistent and manageable.

We are specialists in providing anti viral deep cleaning and decontamination services and have over 10 years experience in hospitality, events and festivals. We can provide a seven day service to keep gazebos, stretch tents, covered beer gardens, toilets and outside spaces sanitised, safe and open, improving your staff safety and customer confidence.

How does the Anti-COVID deep clean work?

Our Electrostatic Technology works by introducing an electric charge to the solution which evenly coats itself to any surface, wrapping around the undersides of any unit or material. This provides even and maximum coverage that cannot be matched by conventional methods.

Using lightweight and portable technology we can access all areas quickly and effectively sanitise and decontaminate your working space within minutes. We provide clear advice as to which service will best suit your needs and an experienced after-care service.

Our system is quick and efficient, enabling you to continue pulling pints, serving your food and ensure your customers stay happy almost immediately. Our solution is safely applied to a variety of surfaces in one, even application which gets to work within seconds and dries within minutes.


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Case Study

Private: Ammonite contact centre agents – deployed on demand

In need of additional support for a research project, Criteria instructed us to deploy regular candidates to their offices to conduct outbound calls. With our help, they were able to fill any gaps.

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