From day nurseries to universities the standard of cleanliness, safety and hygiene must be in line to certify the hygiene safety for your students, your teachers and guardians.

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Ammonite will ensure that your nurseries, schools, universities and every educational place of learning inbetween is certified to be at the highest level of cleanliness possible.

Our expertise

Our Electrostatic Sanitising provides a quick and effective solution to ensure the safety for your students, teachers and guardians. Whether this be in the classroom or the staffroom our solution is key to ensure touch points that may have been missed are covered. From crayon drawers, swings and paint pots to computers, printers and text books our solution is essential in ensuring that guardians feel comfortable in sending their children to school and you feel comfortable in your staff teaching.

Services we can supply

  • Electrostatic sanitising
  • Fogging
  • PPE
  • Emergency Call-Outs
  • Reactive and preventative maintenance plans
  • and more…
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Case Study

Private: Ammonite’s savvy sales personnel

With an opportunity to sell bags at a trade show in Birmingham’s NEC, Maccessori wasted no time requesting an experienced retail professional to represent them and shift their products.

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